Update 1.1

We are back again! This update is coming with new map overview features and mainly adding new map, Mirage, into our content. There are some spots, which are still missing from maps of workshop, but we are going to fix that. Next map after finished Mirage and Cache could be Overpass.

Next feature, what we would like to introduce are Callouts. You can easily use this button for turning on or off map calls (helps). We think, that this thing is really usefull for beginners, who doesnt know parts of the maps. Design of buttons isnt finished yet, but we hope thats quite ok for now.

For map overview, we made hints like mouse hover over spots, which should appears informations about nade. Next are numbers inside the target area, where you can see numbers. These numbers are counted from 1 to maximum number of current spots type, which can helps you with spots callout to your teammates ingame. Also icons of type of spots were changed to better.

Our next future plans and goals are adding more content like maps of course, improving user interface and create new backend of website, wchich can be quicker and give us more options for future. If you have some tips for us, you can simply post it into our forums, becuase we are listening all feedback from you, from our users.

Team RankSea.com

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